Policy on Integrated Quality Management System, FSC, PEFC, and BRC CP

The Company’s mission:

"We at INTERDRUK SA devote our best efforts to achieve the highest satisfaction levels for our existing and prospective customers through timely delivery of safe printing products and services of excellent quality, while ensuring that they are profitable and available at a competitive price.
Through continuous improvement of our quality management system, as well as enhancing process efficiency and quality of our products, we are determined to keep moving forward in our race to the future, looking to increase our market share."

Striving to pursue and accomplish our mission, strengthen and further enhance the company’s remarkable recognition and appreciation by the customers, as well as achieve a highly competitive position in the market and reinforce the customers’ confidence to ensure the success of our organization, the President of the Management Board of INTERDRUK is committed to fulfilling the following tasks:


  • to perform a periodical assessment of the customers’ needs and expectations;
  • meet product quality and safety standards at every stage of the manufacturing, warehousing, and supply processes; to maintain and further enhance the company’s remarkable recognition and appreciation by the customers as a manufacturer of products and provider of services that meet their requirements and expectations;
  • to source raw materials, goods and services for our printing products and services only from reliable and qualified suppliers that undergo a periodical assessment and meet our requirements;
  • to supply our products and services based on the principle that every person in our organization is responsible for the quality of the products and services handled;
  • to provide optimal employment conditions, a desired working environment, and the necessary infrastructure for our staff to ensure the health and safety of all employees;
  • to foster appropriate management of labour relations; to promote development and continuous improvement of the employees’ skills;
  • to maintain and continuously improve the efficacy of the organization’s quality management system in conformity with PN EN-ISO 9001:2009, FSC-STD-40-004v2-1, PEFC ST 2002:2013, and BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products;
  • to ensure that all processes and products are monitored and measured, and that the results are reviewed for continuous improvement.


Committed to the preservation of the environment, INTERDRUK has been gradually extending its portfolio with products made from raw materials sourced from sustainably managed forests that meet the FSC and PEFC requirements. The Company has defined and documented its commitment to ensuring compliance with the requirements described in the FSC and PEFC standards, including social standards specified in Appendix 4 to PEFC ST 2002:2013, and ensures that these requirements are met.


In connection with the FSC values, INTERDRUK represents that it is neither directly, nor indirectly involved in the following activities:


  • illegal timber sourcing or trading in illegal wood or forest products;
  • violation of traditions and human rights as part of forestry operations;
  • destruction of environmental assets of exceptional value as part of forestry operations;
  • significant conversion of forests into plantations or non-forest areas; introduction of genetically modified organisms as part of forestry operations;
  • violation of any of the International Labour Organization’s conventions defined in the 1998 ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

The understanding of the Company’s mission to assure quality throughout its operations is widely shared by all of INTERDRUK employees, and guarantees successful accomplishment of the Company’s goals.


Warsaw, 24 Feb 2014, Dariusz Rękawek, President of the Management Board

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